The Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Their IT Network

//The Things Every Business Owner Needs to Know About Their IT Network

Your IT network is the life blood of your company – it connects all departments from payroll to sales to accounting, and keeps your information moving. If the blood isn’t flowing – the body, or your company, ceases to function. As the owner of a business, it’s your duty to know some essential things about your company’s IT Network. We’re not saying you need to know how each firewall is configured, but you do need to know if your operations are secure, the general risks and the action plan to enact in case of a breach.

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Here is how break down the top things you need to know something about:

  1. Network Health – Does your company operate on old, outdated equipment? Using outdated equipment and applications with expired warranties puts your network at risk for virus attacks, data breaches, and downtime.
  2. Backups – How quickly can backups be restored in an emergency so your business remains functional? Whether it’s an tornado or flood, hacker, or a malfunctioned server, it’s essential that business critical systems and applications are backed up via a reliable source, and can be restored as quickly as possible.
  3. Security – Does your company have the proper firewalls and network security layers in place to adhere with compliance standards? It’s essential that policies for passwords, remote access, etc. are in place to protect company assets.
  4. Disaster Recovery Plan – A disaster recovery plan refers to the actions that will be taken in the event of a disaster so your business experiences the shortest and most cost-effective downtime possible.
  5. Assets – Will newer, faster servers, workstations and mobile devices produce more sales, greater efficiency and lead to increased company profit? It’s important for every owner to know how IT expenditures relate to company productivity. If you’re spending money on an outdated system that runs slow and crashes frequently, how does that impact an employee’s output?
  6. IT Roadmap – How is your company growing? What are your 5 or 10 year goals and how does technology factor into those plans? What is changing in the next year? What new software will be implemented and how much will it cost? Owners need to have an overview of how the company’s network aligns with future business goals.So why does all of this matter to you? Because as the owner, you’re ultimately responsible for the financial longevity of your business. The client experience, the livelihood of your employees, the compliance and industry standards that you must abide by –  ALL relies on technology – that life blood that can determine your future success.  And Pyramid Technologies is here to help make sure your business succeeds in the ever changing world of information technology. If want to know we can help protect and maintain your business send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss your future, and how Pyramid Technologies can help get you there.

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